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Beekeeping Consortium will impart training on working skills

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  • The course constitutes the second experience of the strengthening program of Advanced Human Capital.

The Beekeeping Consortium, through the Center for Beekeeping Entrepreneurship of the Universidad Mayor (CEAPI MAYOR), will continue with the development of the Formation Program for Human Capital, imparting the course of Advanced Level Beekeeper starting this Friday in Santiago. It should be noted that this initiative is being made as a part of the FIA project that gave birth to the company.

This training program will give the necessary skills in order to execute productive functions and business management, so by the end of the course, the beekeeper will be qualified to work in a more autonomous way in the administration and production of his business.

It is important to highlight that the program has been developed basing itself on the labor competence profiles built in 2011. This work was developed with all the actors of the beekeeping industry resulting in 16 professional profiles.

The course is composed by four modules, distributed in 50 chronological hours; 50% of these are destined to practical work. The lessons will take place on Fridays and Saturdays between 10:00 and 17:30 at the Alameda Campus in the Universidad Mayor and Azul Cielo Apícola respectively. If you want more information about these courses you can call (2) 328 1241 or write to [email protected]